So, who are we?

Blogging Birds has been developed by researchers at the University of Aberdeen in collaboration with staff from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the RSPB.

RSPB staff fitted red kites with satellite transmitters while the University of Aberdeen team analysed the red kite movement patterns and created the blogging birds software. The Aberdeen team was an unusual and exciting mix of computing scientists and ecologists and included the following researchers:

The University's researchers involved in creating this site are:

  • Steve Palmer (ecology) and Cheng Zeng (computing science) who looked for patterns within the red kite movement data to help inform the blogs;
  • The ecologists Danny Heptinstall,Annie Robinson and René van der Wal who interpreted the movements of the red kites to enrich the blogs;
  • The computing scientists Chris Mellish, Advaith Siddharthan and Kapila Ponnamperuma who developed the software to enable the computers to communicate through the English language so that the red kites can tell their own stories.

The lead RSPB staff member involved in all the work throughout was Stuart Benn, conservation manager for the RSPB in the Highlands.

The University of Aberdeen researchers are all members of dot.rural; a UK government research hub based at the University of Aberdeen and funded through the Research Council’s UK Digital Economy programme; award reference EP/G066051/1. The aim of dot.rural is to research how digital technologies can benefit rural communities. This work forms part of the ‘Digital Conservation’ project of the ‘Natural Resource Conservation’ theme, which aims to explore how digital technologies can help communities to conserve, manage and use their natural resources.

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